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1730 Broadway
Sacramento, CA 95818
4 pm  -  9 pm
4 pm  -  9 pm
4 pm  -  9 pm
12 pm - 10 pm
12 pm - 10 pm
12 pm - 9 pm

The Place
Brewery | Tap Room + Kitchen | Courtyard Biergarten

The Brewery

The brewery is a 10 barrel (bbl), copper-clad steam-fired brewhouse. The cellar consists of 10 bbl, 20 bbl and 30 bbl fermenter tanks and various sized brite tanks. All the beer we serve at the Tasting Room is brewed right here in our brewery. The brewery is visible through the windows of the Tasting Room or the glass doors near the Courtyard Biergarten. Take a peek.

Tap Room + Kitchen

The Tasting Room, often referred to as a "tap room", or simply "the bar", is the primary area where customers get to experience our beer. Grab a pint, order some food and enjoy the temperature-controled comfort of our Tasting Room in any of our available booths or benches. Feel free to lean against our standing bar. Nope, no bar stools, hence the "standing bar." 

Courtyard Biergarten + Sidewalk Seating

You may call it a "patio", we loving refer to our outdoor area as the "Courtyard Biergarten." Shaded for daytime enjoyment, lighted for evening enjoyment, our friendly-dog-friendly Courtyard Biergarten is an amazing place to enjoy a beer. Spring and Summer in the Courtyard is enhanced by our HIMBY Hop Wall. Outdoor seating is also available on the sidewalk along our Broadway frontage.


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