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You've heard of NIMBYs, right? How about HIMBYs? Hops In My Back Yard! Join our team of backyard hop farmers. Hop rhizomes are here, and you can pre-order and grow the spice of your beer. This is our 7th year supplying hop rhizomes to wannabe backyard hop farmers. This year we are doing all Cascade hops which grow vigorously in our Sacramento climate. Supplies are limited. Here's how it works...



  1. Purchase your HIMBY Project Kit at our online store (button below) or in person at New Helvetia Brewing Co. for $15 + tax

  2. The HIMBY Project Kit includes 1 hop rhizome, a logo pint glass, instructions, a ball of twine and 3 pre-paid pints of beer (21 years or older, in person only). Additional rhizomes can be purchased for $5 each at the Tap Room.

  3. IMMEDIATELY plant hops in your your backyard. Have a beer and watch them grow.

  4. Harvest hops and return them to New Helvetia to be added to a Fresh Hop HIMBY beer. Date TBD (likely mid-August), we will notify you when to harvest and deliver to brewery.

  5. When the Fresh Hop HIMBY beer is complete, we will notify you of the release date. Join us for a pint.

3 pre-paid pints included...

  1. When you pick up your HIMBY Pack.

  2. When you drop off your hops*.

  3. When the HIMBY beer is released.

*Even if your hops don't grow, you'll get all 3 beers. Only available at the Tap Room


Your hops from last year should already be sprouting again this year. The rhizomes will continue to grow underground and should begin producing taller bines and more hop cones. We do not recommend planting different hop varieties next to each other, but it’s been know to happen. If your hops did not grow last year, they may still come back this year.


Hops grow very fast and require a vertical structure to climb, usually a jute or twine string dropped from a horizontal cable up to 20 ft high at big hop farms. For the backyard hop grower, the high point of a roof may work, or a small trellis 12 to 16 ft in the first year is usually OK.


The ability to grow vertically is the limiting factor for backyard hop growers, please plan accordingly and do NOT join if you cannot set up a vertical string for the hops to climb. If that didn't scare you away, purchase your HIMBY Project Kit by clicking the button blow or at the Tasting Room. Limited supply. First come, first serve. Let's grow some hops.

Updated 4/23/2021

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