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Donation Policy

Our community matters.

Beer donations are strictly regulated by the State of California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC). We are not allowed to make any beer donations unless your organization and event meet some very specific guidelines.


Governmental Requirements

1. Your organization must be a federally recognized 501(c)3 or 501(c)6 non-profit corporation

2. Your event must acquire an ABC one-day special event permit

3. Your organization must acquire a BOE seller's permit (or temporary seller's permit) if beer will be sold at your event

4. Catering companies holding an ABC Caterers Permit do NOT qualify for beer donations

5. Events located on the premises of a permanent ABC retail licensee do NOT qualify for beer donations unless they surrender their license

6. Only beer and beer dispensing equipment (kegs, jockey box & CO2) are allowed to be donated. You must provide tables, keg buckets, ice, cups, etc.

We provide this information so you are better able to determine if you qualify for a beer donation. You are responsible for obtaining any necessary licenses and permits. 

New Helvetia Brewing Co. Guidelines

1. Science education and science communication focused non-profits are our top priority

2. Non-profits we choose to support should be within 50 miles of our location

3. We will NOT provide an insurance certificate or name an additional insured for donations/events

4. If you have an ABC One-Day Permit, we CANNOT donate hats, t-shirts, etc. 

5. You may be required to provide staff to pour beer

If we haven't scared you off yet, please fill out the contact form below and tell us a little about your event, the host organization, location, date and time, how many people you expect to attend and any pertinent information that can help us determine if we are able to participate or not. 

We cannot accommodate all requests for beer donations, however, you may still be able to purchase beer for a PRIVATE PARTY or for your event at the discounted wholesale rate.

Success! Message received.

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